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Hello, welcome to this website created by service minded individuals. It is a resource to any knowledge seeking individuals, specially those studying Science at 10+2 level, Intermediate in Science, Diploma in Engineering, and 'A' levels.

It has come as a result of the brainchild of Sajit Chandra Shakya, a Physics educator of repute at +2 level. He has been associated with various educational organizations and NGO's at various capacities. Besides his professional career, he is also involved in social activities, working specially to increase access of economically deprived but bright students at secondary and higher secondary levels by arranging funds.

This is his sincere attempt to reach his students and the whole of humanity by means of the web. In his mission, he feels honored to receive valuable assistance from many former students, the goodwill of whom serves as the motivation behind his constant pursuit towards excellence, purity, honor and dignity. Besides, he would also like to invite his present students to contribute to build a center of 'honored' knowledge. This website would like to give everyone a chance to feel the joy of contributing and leave a positive mark on other's future, feeling and life.

So, come on, join this site to 'receive' as well as to 'give'.

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