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A good project always needs a collection of good people, going for a good cause and reason. When this project came into the minds of this team, we doubted whether it was just a whim or else, whether we could sustain it or not. But an enlightening thought crossed our mind. If it is good, it will be there, nothing more nothing less. As an expert has said, "You start becoming successful, when you start making others successful." Our days, nights, thoughts and dreams are guided by this philosophy.


Our front page consists of a small introduction of our leader, teacher, brother, guide and mentor Mr. Sajit Chandra Shakya. It was his insistence that we also come forward. He told us at least people visiting this site should know us, so that you can join us in our innocent pursuit.

  1. Mr. Kabit Rajbanshi: Currently studying IT in Singapore.

  2. Mr. Rojer Ranjit:     Currently studying engineering in USA.

  3. Mr. Samrat Sapkota:  Currently studying engineering in USA.

  4. Ms. Ramila Shilpakar: Currently studying MBBS in Chitwan, Nepal

  5. Ms. Samina Dongol:   Currently studying MBBS in Sanghai, People's Republic of China

  6. Mr. Kishoj Bajracharya: Currently studying Computer Engineering at IOE, Nepal.





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