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1.           What is a free electron?

2.           What is a hole? Why is it considered to have positive charge?

3.           Explain, why the concentration of free electrons and holes is equal in an intrinsic semiconductor?

4.           What do you mean by Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor?

5.           Explain why the need of adding an impurity to an intrinsic semiconductor?

6.           What do you mean by doping?

7.           Explain how free electrons are created in a N-type semiconductor.

8.           Explain why electrons are the majority carriers is an N-type semiconductor.

9.           Explain how holes are created in a P-type semiconductor.

10.       Explain why holes are the majority carriers in a P-type semiconductor.

11.       Distinguish between N-type & P-type semiconductor.

12.       Among N-type and P-type semiconductor of same doping level, which one would be more conducting?

13.       What do you mean by a semiconductor junction?

14.       Why is a semiconductor junction called a Junction Diode?

15.       What do you mean by donors?

16.       What do you mean by Acceptors?

17.       What do you mean by forbidden energy gap?

18.       What do you mean by PN Junction?

19.       What do you mean by Depletion Layer?

20.       What do you mean by Barrier Potential?




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