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1.           What is knee voltage?

2.           What do you mean by forward bias?

3.           What do you mean by reverse bias?

4.           What do you mean by Avalanche Effect or Breakdown?

5.           What do you mean by Zener Effect?

6.           What do you mean by Breakdown Voltage?

7.           What do you men by Zener

8.           What is a rectifier?

9.           What is a half wave rectifier?

10.       What is a full wave rectifier?

11.       What are the advantages of full wave rectifier over a half wave rectifier?

12.       What is a transistor?

13.       How is a PNP transistor made?   

14.       How is an NPN transistor made?

15.       What is the basic difference between a PNP and a NPN transistor?

16.       What are the functions of three terminals of transistor?

17.       How will you differentiate emitter, base and collector of a transistor working in a circuit?

18.       What are the advantages of semiconductor material over vacuum devices for making electronic devices?

19.       What are the actions of transistor?




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